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What do you get with Text Calibur?

  • A platform to send text messages
  • A platform to bulk up loans lists/leads
  • A platform to API leads into
  • A place to bulk purchase leads to text(millions of leads)
  • 1 short cides to send from(No fees to you)
  • Opt out messaging auto removes your options



All of this for a one-time fee of only $99!


No additional fees
No contracts
No large startup fees
Rates starting at .009 per text (less than 1 penny)
No franchise fees



Simple to Use

  • Sign up + pay a one-time fee of $99
  • Submit the messages you want to send for carrier approval
  • Upload your leads to the back office (Or purchase our bulk feed)
  • Send out your text message
  • Roll around in your money
  • Start the cycle over again - You can send as many text messages as you want





  • Joe signs up on Monday
  • Pays the $99
  • Submits messages for approval
  • Uploads 100,000 message leads
  • Joe receives approval on Tuesday
  • Sends to 100,000 texts
  • Got 10,000 Opens
  • Got 2-3,000 clicks
  • Got 4-800 fCoPA from fill outs
  • Made $800 x 2.00 = $1600.00



  • 100,000 x .009 = $900
  • Signup cost = $99
  • INCOME = $1600 - 1
  • 2nd day profit = $601


EXAMPLE If You Have No Data

SAME Except $1000/mo for 2 million records per day

Place to scrub DATA (DNC + Cell Phone)


Signup Cost - $99

Data - $1000/Mo

Sends out 100,000 Texts Per Day - $900 x 40 = $27,000 Text Costs

Income - 10,000 Opens x 30 = 300,000 opens

800 Conversions x $2.00 = $1600 x 30 = $48,000

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